ALERT- Severance Tax Audit Update

In December of 2017 and again in March of 2018 producers won victories in oil severance tax disputes with the Louisiana Department of Revenue before the Board of Tax Appeals and in the First Circuit Court of Appeal. The Department of Revenue, however, has appealed these rulings and continues to raise the same issues in ongoing severance tax audits with oil producers in the State of Louisiana.

Producers receiving adverse audit findings may contest the findings and assessments without paying or by paying under protest, but you must do it timely.  For details on your rights to challenge these assessments and assistance therewith call Martin Landrieu or Caroline Lafourcade with the law firm Gordon Arata Montgomery Barnett at 504-582-1111 or email or

You can find more in-depth information regarding severance tax audits in Louisiana by visiting the following links:

-Louisiana Department of Revenue Attempts to Rewrite Crude Oil Purchase Agreements in an Effort to Collect More Severance Taxes

By Martin Landrieu on May 10, 2017

 -Beware of Louisiana Severance Tax Assessments on Crude Oil

By Martin Landrieu on March 11, 2016

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