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Meaghan M. Anderson Member|Lafayette Lafayette 337.521.8818 337.521.8818 manderson@gamb.comView Full Profile
Phil Antis Member|New Orleans, Houston New Orleans, Houston 504.569.1864 504.569.1864 pantis@gamb.comView Full Profile
C. Byron Berry Jr. Member|New Orleans New Orleans 504.585.7633 504.585.7633 bberry@gamb.comView Full Profile
Michael E. Botnick Member|New Orleans New Orleans 504.679.9814 504.679.9814 mbotnick@gamb.comView Full Profile
Cathy E. Chessin Of Counsel|New Orleans New Orleans 504.582.1111 504.582.1111 cchessin@gamb.comView Full Profile
Steven W. Copley Member|New Orleans New Orleans 504.568.1648 504.568.1648 scopley@gamb.comView Full Profile
Marianna Knister Downer Associate|New Orleans New Orleans 504.679.9824 504.679.9824 mknister@gamb.comView Full Profile
Bob J. Duplantis Of Counsel|Lafayette Lafayette 337.237.0132 337.237.0132 bduplantis@gamb.comView Full Profile
Gregory G. Duplantis Member|Lafayette Lafayette 337.237.0132 337.237.0132 gduplantis@gamb.comView Full Profile
Ewell "Tim" E. Eagan Jr. Member|New Orleans New Orleans 504.582.1115 504.582.1115 eeagan@gamb.comView Full Profile
Francine Elliot Member|New Orleans, Houston New Orleans, Houston 504.679.9820 504.679.9820 felliot@gamb.comView Full Profile
Krystin Frazier-Santiago Member|New Orleans, Houston New Orleans, Houston 504.582.1111 504.582.1111 kfrazier@gamb.comView Full Profile
Stephen L. Frederick Of Counsel|Lafayette Lafayette 337.521.8858 337.521.8858 sfrederick@gamb.comView Full Profile
Marcel Garsaud Jr. Of Counsel|New Orleans New Orleans 504.582.1122 504.582.1122 mgarsaud@gamb.comView Full Profile
Jefferson B. Goldman Member|New Orleans, Houston New Orleans, Houston 504.569.1654 504.569.1654 jgoldman@gamb.comView Full Profile
John Philip "J.P." Graf Associate|Lafayette Lafayette 337.237.0132 337.237.0132 jgraf@gamb.comView Full Profile
Makala L. Graves Associate|New Orleans New Orleans 504.582.1129 504.582.1129 mgraves@gamb.comView Full Profile
A. Gregory Grimsal Member|New Orleans New Orleans 504.569.1834 504.569.1834 ggrimsal@gamb.comView Full Profile
Thomas G. Gruenert Of Counsel|Houston Houston 713.333.5500 713.333.5500 tgruenert@gamb.comView Full Profile
C. Peck Hayne Jr. Member|New Orleans, Houston New Orleans, Houston 504.569.1858 504.569.1858 phayne@gamb.comView Full Profile
Terrence K. Knister Member|New Orleans New Orleans 504.569.1865 504.569.1865 tknister@gamb.comView Full Profile
Martin E. Landrieu Member|New Orleans New Orleans 504.569.1832 504.569.1832 mlandrieu@gamb.comView Full Profile
Armistead M. Long Member|Lafayette, Houston Lafayette, Houston 337.237.0132 337.237.0132 along@gamb.comView Full Profile
Daniel Lund Of Counsel|New Orleans New Orleans 504.585.7640 504.585.7640 dlund@gamb.comView Full Profile
Anthony "Tony" Marino Member|New Orleans New Orleans 504.679.9818 504.679.9818 amarino@gamb.comView Full Profile
Samuel E. Masur Member|Lafayette Lafayette 337.521.8843 337.521.8843 smasur@gamb.comView Full Profile
Cynthia A. Nicholson Member|New Orleans New Orleans 504.569.1658 504.569.1658 cnicholson@gamb.comView Full Profile
Scott A. O'Connor Member|New Orleans New Orleans 504.569.1860 504.569.1860 soconnor@gamb.comView Full Profile
John Y. Pearce Member|New Orleans New Orleans 504.585.7674 504.585.7674 jpearce@gamb.comView Full Profile
Clarke Perkins Associate|New Orleans, Houston New Orleans, Houston 504.582.1111 504.582.1111 cperkins@gamb.comView Full Profile
James D. " Doug" Rhorer Member|New Orleans New Orleans 504.679.9807 504.679.9807 drhorer@gamb.comView Full Profile
Alex B. Rothenberg Member|New Orleans, Houston New Orleans, Houston 504.679.9826 504.679.9826 arothenberg@gamb.comView Full Profile
Adam J. Russ Member|Houston Houston 713.333.5573 713.333.5573 aruss@gamb.comView Full Profile
Gerald H. Schiff Member|Lafayette Lafayette 337.237.0132 337.237.0132 gschiff@gamb.comView Full Profile
Howard E. Sinor Jr. Of Counsel|New Orleans New Orleans 504.582.1117 504.582.1117 hsinor@gamb.comView Full Profile
Charles L. Stinneford Of Counsel|Houston Houston 713.333.5509 713.333.5509 cstinneford@gamb.comView Full Profile
Gerald "Jess" Waltman III Associate|New Orleans New Orleans 504.582.1111 504.582.1111 gwaltman@gamb.comView Full Profile
Marion Welborn Weinstock Member|New Orleans New Orleans 504.569.1833 504.569.1833 mweinstock@gamb.comView Full Profile
Stephen L. Williamson Member|New Orleans New Orleans 504.585.7698 504.585.7698 swilliamson@gamb.comView Full Profile
Micah C. Zeno Member|New Orleans, Houston New Orleans, Houston 504.569.1857 504.569.1857 mzeno@gamb.comView Full Profile
R. Ethan Zubic Member|New Orleans New Orleans 504.585.7916 504.585.7916 ezubic@gamb.comView Full Profile