Antitrust and Trade Regulation

Most business executives know that antitrust violations carry stiff monetary penalties and the possibility of jail time. Because antitrust laws represent a thicket of complex, often arcane, and even apparently contradictory rules, recognizing and resolving antitrust issues poses a worrisome challenge. Our proficient and highly skilled antitrust and trade regulation lawyers are adept at guiding clients through the tangled underbrush and putting their minds at ease.

Our attorneys have extensive experience counseling businesses, trade associations, joint ventures and individuals on antitrust issues and have devised and implemented antitrust compliance programs. While we certainly advise clients on what the law prohibits, we never lose sight of helping them achieve their business goals through joint or coordinated activity that does not run afoul of the antitrust laws.

Gordon Arata Montgomery Barnett regularly represents clients in private lawsuits, including class actions and multidistrict suits, arising under federal and state antitrust and unfair competition laws. Our attorneys have represented clients in antitrust investigations by federal regulatory agencies and state attorneys general. Additionally, our attorneys frequently help clients secure antitrust approval of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. We have successfully represented clients before the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission and state regulators, as well as before other agencies in the review processes.

Tim Eagan leads our antitrust and trade regulation practice and has more than forty years of experience in the area. He is a former Chairman of the Antitrust Section of the Louisiana Bar and has written and lectured on antitrust topics. Other attorneys in the group are similarly experienced and respected.

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