Title Services

Our title services dovetail nicely with our transactional and regulatory work.  Because a number of our attorneys have many years of in-house experience and technical expertise in land, engineering and geology for various companies, as well as an everyday working relationship with the expert consultants in geology and engineering who regularly appear before the Louisiana Commissioner of Conservation, we offer excellent title counsel and representation for lands located in Louisiana and Texas and on the Outer Continental Shelf. In addition, Gordon Arata Montgomery Barnett attorneys include current and past law professors—who have taught oil and gas law and other courses—as well as bar examiners for the subjects of persons and property in Louisiana.

Our attorneys regularly prepare title opinions for operators, non-operators, landowners, lenders and others, including for the most complex of mineral and non-mineral title issues for lands in and offshore of Louisiana and Texas. Our library contains title opinions accumulated over more than forty years covering thousands of tracts throughout Louisiana, Texas and blocks on the Outer Continental Shelf.

Additionally, several of our attorneys are licensed Louisiana title insurance agents for national title insurance companies. They are experienced and available to write polices of title insurance on pipeline servitudes, surface lease facilities and other property interests held in Louisiana.

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